MSNBC Commentator Elie Mystal Says He Fantasizes About Ramming His Car into Trump Plaza

Following news that a car had rammed into Trump Plaza in New York on Wednesday, MSNBC commentator Elie Mystal admitted that he fantasizes about doing the same thing.

Though it is believed to have been an accident, three people were injured in the crash — and Mystal does not believe it was an accident due to his own violent desires.

Soon after the news broke, Mystal tweeted that “when you come out of the parking lot of this mall/movie theater, you have to sit at a red light staring right into this lobby. I’ve thought about driving my car through it EVERY TIME. Basic humanity keeps me from doing it, but JUST.”

The far-left MSNBC contributor didn’t stop there. He continued to share his vile fantasies by writing that the view of Trump Plaza in the photo being used by the New York Daily News is “exactly the view you have from the stop light. It’s a long light. You have a lot of time to… think.”

Mystal added that while the driver is “innocent until proven guilty,” he said that he does not believe it was an accident, but maybe that was his “own bias.”

Newsbusters noted that Mystal regularly advocates “destroying whites,” and “stopping” Trump “zombies” from “infecting everybody else,” while appearing on MSNBC.


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