Kooky Joe Biden Says He Will Beat Trump ‘Like a Drum’

Former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters in Iowa on Saturday that he will beat President Donald Trump “like a drum.”

Biden’s numerous gaffes and awkward moments have cost him, as he has been steadily slipping in the polls.

When asked about President Trump speaking to Ukrainian leaders in July and allegedly suggesting that they investigate the dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter, in their country, Biden went off.

“Trump’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him like a drum, and he’s using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me,” he told reporters.


Trump maintains that his phone call with the Ukrainian president was “fine and routine” and that he did not say anything wrong.

The former Vice President has faced scrutiny over abusing his power during the Obama Administration to get Ukraine to fire their top prosecutor, who just so happened to be leading an investigation into the corruption at a natural gas company that Hunter Biden is linked to.

Biden claims he has not spoke to his son about his efforts in Ukraine.

The candidate asserted that there needs to be an investiation into Trump’s phone call and said that he “could be impeached” over it.

“Depending on what the House finds, he could be impeached but I’m not making that judgment now,” he said. “The House should investigate it, this appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power.”

“He abuses power everywhere he can and if he sees any threat to staying in power, he’ll do whatever he has to do — but this crosses the line,” he said.

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