DOJ IG Horowitz States that Corrupt Deep State Actors in FBI and DOJ Were “Shocked” When Comey Leaked His Memos that Killed Their Case Against Trump

The corrupt cops at the FBI that protected James Comey from crimes didn’t realize that by doing so they ruined their chances of attaching obstruction to candidate and President Trump!

According to the DOJ’s IG report on James Comey, Comey leaked his memos to his friend who he later described as his lawyer which protected him by implementing attorney-client privilege. This protected Comey from the crime of leaking information to the press unlawfully.

But Comey was also protected by his fellow gangsters at the FBI when then labeled the memos that he leaked, other than classified.  If they were labeled classified Comey would be in serious trouble for leaking classified information.

The FBI isn’t supposed to let on that there are any active investigations, let alone leak “evidence” from their investigations.

So what was the FBI’s supposed basis for obstruction of justice charges against Trump?

1. Trump’s firing of Comey;

2. Trump’s asking Comey to let Flynn go (as outlined in Memo No. 4).

So Trump’s comments about letting Flynn go was THE basis, THE EVIDENCE, for obstruction of justice. That in and of itself should mean that information related to this was highly classified.  But Comey’s Memo No. 4 was labeled by the FBI as “unofficial business use”? How can your prime evidence in a case be labeled “unofficial business use”?

The reason why the FBI labeled it that way was because Comey gave that Memo No. 4 to his buddies and the press.  It’s the same tactic they pulled when they relabeled Clinton’s crimes regarding her emails.

I mean, either it’s evidence or it isn’t, because they sure were using it as evidence….

Here’s the even bigger issue about this, though…..

In order to even begin to try to charge Trump with obstruction of evidence, you need both President Trump’s firing of Comey and his asking Comey to go easy on General Flynn (of course we know now that Flynn was set up by the corrupt FBI and committed no crime related to his firing and has been indicted of no crime related to his firing). You can’t have one without the other. If the only evidence you have is Comey’s firing, that proves nothing. You can probably try to begin to charge Trump with obstruction of justice if you have just the Flynn comment alone, but obviously, they didn’t feel as though that was enough; otherwise, they’d have charged Trump back in February when he said it, but they didn’t.

This means Comey screwed the investigation when he leaked his memos to the press.  If they tried to charge Trump with anything related to the leaks, then they’d have to charge Comey with leaking highly classified information. What an idiot…

Which means that on day one Mueller KNEW without a doubt that HE HAD NO CASE……

Ahhhh, I see now….and that’s why the AG refused to charge Comey, because then they’d have to admit that it actually was evidence…..No wonder the corrupt FBI’s reaction to Comey’s leaking of his memos was reportedly shock –

What this means is, they defeated themselves. By leaking this information to the press, they had a conundrum. If they charged Trump with obstruction of justice, then they were forced to also charge Comey with leaking highly classified information to the press. In chess parlance, it would be a stalemate, which Trump would probably ultimately win since the Paragraph 1 would come from a criminal/liar (Comey).

The “classification review” was nothing more than a now that we’re really screwed here, how do we salvage this mess.

That’s why Mueller classified Comey’s “evidence” both ways, both classified and unclassified. They would pursue the obstruction of justice charges privately, quietly, treating Comey’s memos as “highly classified,” while their public face would be treating them as “unclassified” so that Comey wouldn’t be charged.

That’s why Trump’s legal team told Mueller, we will tear you to shreds in a court of law, and Mueller backed down. Corrupt Mueller knew he would lose.

The Deep State and corrupt FBI and DOJ had no case for removing President Trump, he committed no crimes, nor did Flynn for that matter.  They set them up, but thanks to corrupt FBI Director James Comey, they screwed their own coup!

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