Climate Activists Shut Down 22 DC Intersections and Chain Themselves to a Boat in Support of a Green New Deal

Climate activists that were planning to “block key infrastructure” and bring DC to a “gridlocked standstill” on Monday morning managed to shut down at least 22 intersections during morning traffic.

Protesters have called for “a climate strike and global week of action from September 20th-27th.”

In a list of “demands,” the protesters called for a Green New Deal, respect for indigenous land, “environmental justice,” protection of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

The protesters even parked a boat in the middle of Du Pont circle to halt morning commuters.

The shut down was an organized effort by multiple groups including Rising Tide, the Democratic Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter.

The activist groups have been encouraging kids to skip school and join them.

“We will block key infrastructure to stop business-as-usual, bringing the whole city to a gridlocked standstill,” the event page for the protest reads. “Parents, workers, college students, and everyone who is concerned about the climate crisis will skip work and school and put off their other responsibilities to take action on the climate crisis.”

There have been multiple arrests during the protests, but an exact number has not been reported.

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