California Church Vandalized After Pastor Protests Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour for Children

A church in Chula Vista, California, has been vandalized after their pastor protested a “Drag Queen Story Hour” for children at the local library.

Executive Pastor Amado Huizar from South Bay Pentecostal Church had been alerted to the drag queen story hour by two homeschool mom’s who had spotted it on their library’s calendar  and asked him for help. He reached out to Mayor Mary Salas, but his concern fell on deaf ears.

“It is a very simple intent: It’s an intent to read to children to make them feel comfortable about who they are, whoever they are; that’s as simple as it gets,” the mayor told ABC 10 about why she would not cancel the event.

“[O]ur message is: it’s not age appropriate,” Pastor Huizar told FRC Action. “These are kids aged three to eight. It’s not location appropriate. This is a public venue. And it’s not messenger appropriate. There’s no reason why a drag queen should be reading to kids. And look, this is not a fight against the LGBTQ community. This is not a fight against people who have lived that way. It’s not that at all. It has to do everything with why a drag queen who serves or works in provocative locations and is trying to embellish a [provocative] woman. And it’s not appropriate.”

In response, Pastor Huizar collected over 500 signatures calling for the event to be cancelled or moved to a private venue. He believes that this is why the church was targeted. On Sunday, September 8, the church was vandalized with pentagrams and the word “satan” in black spray paint.

“Sure enough, at every corner there were phrases, hateful words, and graffiti on the walls…” Pastor Huizar told ABC.

Despite the police not having any suspects, and the attempt at intimidation, Pastor Huizar has said that he will not stop standing up for what he believes in.


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