BREAKING– It Was All a Lie!… Ukrainian Government Did Not Know US Had Suspended Foreign Aid Until ONE MONTH AFTER TRUMP CALL

THE HITS KEEP COMING… Whistleblower Report Continues to FALL APART!

On Thursday the alleged whistleblower complaint against President Trump was declassified and released to the public.

** On Thursday Rep. Mark Meadows revealed the partisan CIA whistleblower was wrong when he wrote in his report that State Department official Ulrich Brechbuhl was on the call with the Ukrainian president.
He wasn’t.


** The partisan CIA whistleblower was also in error when he insisted in his report the phone call transcript between Trump and Zelensky did not contain anything “remotely sensitive.”
It did.

And now this…
The partisan CIA whistleblower claimed President Trump threatened the Ukrainian president to play ball or he would withhold US assistance to his country.

On Friday night we learned this was another lie.
The Ukrainian government did not know the US had suspended aid to the country until ONE MONTH after the call.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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