Alabama Guard Prepared for Hit By Hurricane Dorian – Trump Proven Right Again

The Alabama National Guard posted a statement on August 30 to Twitter that it was preparing for a possible hit by Hurricane Dorian. At that time Dorian was projected to cross the Florida peninsula and enter the Gulf of Mexico along the Florida panhandle, hitting Alabama and Georgia.

The Guard posted this statement and photo collage, “#HurricaneDorian is projected to reach southern Alabama by the early part of the week. We are watching closely and #ready to act. Are you?”

Days later when Dorian changed track and instead skirted the Atlantic coast of Florida, Alabama was still in the projected wind field for possible tropical storm force winds.

President Trump has been battling the media all week since accurately tweeting and commenting at a briefing on Sunday that Alabama was at risk from Dorian.

Thursday afternoon Trump posted several National Hurricane Center protections for Dorian that showed Alabama at risk.

The Commander-in-Chief also had a message for Alabama: “I was with you all the way Alabama. The Fake News Media was not!”

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