Virginia Dem Candidate Denigrates Hispanic Trump Supporter who Came Up to Shake Her Hand

Jennifer Kitchen, candidate for Virginia House Of Delegates, has been caught up in quite the covfefe on facebook. She’s openly mocking a Hispanic Trump supporter who was apparently trying to engage her booth at a fair, referring to “skinfolk who would like to speak with” him, while her supporters claim that he was part of the Charlottesville massacre and question if he’s capable of reading and writing and claim that he is a plant for Trump appearances. Kitchen, of course, is a privileged white female.

Our friend Luis crossed the aisle to introduce himself to our Democrat counterparts at the Fair on Friday evening. …

Posted by Rockingham County Republican Party on Saturday, August 17, 2019

Note the comment from Adolph-Adrienne Young Jr. “Tell him you know some skinfolk that would like to speak with him.” Yes, a leftist literally named Adolph trying to intimidate a Hispanic Trump supporter. That comment has since been deleted, but screencaps are forever.

Rockingham County Republican Party, your friend visited several times this evening to harass the Democratic booth. I can't wait to see the article he says he is writing.

Posted by Jennifer Kitchen for Delegate on Friday, August 16, 2019

One of her supporters, Jerome Horwitz, pondered if the guy is even literate.


Here are the rest of the screencaps from the thread on the Rockingham County Republican Party page:


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