UPDATED: Portland Protest Turns Violent, Antifa Thugs Target Young Girl, Knock Man Unconscious, Hurl Racist Taunt At Black Cop

Skirmishes have begun breaking out in isolated pockets in Portland, as most of the Trump people have left and antifa lingers about. Riot police have been making sporadic appearances in different areas, as the fractures of leftists continue to march around.

In one altercation, antifa targeted a young girl and her father as they apparently got separated from the bulk of the Trump supporters. No police to help. Antifa continued to stalk them as they retreated.

UPDATE: Another video angle has been found of this altercation.


Another update as more angles emerge online:


In another altercation, one man was kicked to the head on the ground, knocking him unconscious, seen the KOIN6 live stream.

As the Proud Boys were leaving in the little buses they rented, antifa swarmed them, hollered to pull the proud boys out, while one antifa guy throws a claw hammer at someone in the bus.

Here’s another angle of the bus covfefe:

This woman was apparently twerking at officers and then called a black officer a racist epithet. And she wonders why she was arrested…

Antifa pepperspraying a YouTuber.

One woman is taken into custody after revving her motorcycle at some of the Trump supporters.


Still another was seen handcuffed with bloody hands, as police medics tended to head wounds. It’s unclear what happened.

A photographer was apparently threatened and pepper sprayed by antifa.

Couple of other people have been brought into custody, but it’s unclear why exactly.

One guy (?) in a “BETA CUCK 4 LYFE” shirt was also arrested. Protesters could be heard shouting “We won’t forget you, Alex!”

The Gateway Pundit continues to follow this developing story.


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