Leftists Are Extremely Upset About MTV’s VMA Host Making Jokes About People Who Get Upset About Jokes

Leftist journalists are extremely upset about MTV Video Music Award host comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s jokes about people who get upset about jokes.

A quick search of Maniscalco’s name brings up dozens of articles that are outraged about his bit where he took shots at outrage culture.

Maniscalco, who had previously vowed that he wouldn’t make the show political, opened the show with a bit about safe spaces and participation trophy’s — telling nominees that they won’t be getting a ribbon if they lose and that they should just work harder next year. The observational comedian also took aim at influencers and trigger warnings.

“Now, just a couple of announcements before we get started. This is happening for the first time: MTV, what they’re doing is, they noticed that we’re living in ultra-sensitive time, right? So if you feel ‘triggered,” or you feel offended by anything I’m saying up here, or anything the musical artists are doing, they’re providing a safe space backstage where you’ll get some stress balls and a blankie. And also Little Nas X brought his horse, which will—yeah, horses backstage—which will double as an emotional support animal. So if you want to talk to your ushers, they will send you back to where that’s happening. Personally, I would remove you from the arena, put you in your car, and send you home, but they opted with the safe space,” Maniscalco said.

“While we’re talking about feelings not getting hurt, I just want to let you know that MTV is doing this old school tonight. They’re giving out one trophy per category, all right? Not everybody’s walking away with a moon person or a participation ribbon. This is not Little League. So if you don’t win tonight, I do have a little advice for you: Next year, work harder. Are we ready to get this thing started or what?”

In response, the aptly named Cosmopolitan magazine published a piece asserting that he “chose to make his foray into the public’s lexicon by making fun of the need for marginalized people to feel safe in this day and age. He basically reduced that need and compared it to people just being overly sensitive. In short: It was rude, ignorant, and uncalled for.”

Mashable published a post complaining that he “opened the show with a series of jokes punching directly down at the crowd in front of him, and not in a particularly clever way.”

In an exceptionally angry post, Refinery 29 claimed that the network “by hiring Maniscalco, MTV is definitely aligning itself with a certain audience — just not the people watching the VMAs.”

The blue-checked cancel brigade was also out in full force over on Twitter.


The anger about Maniscalco’s light jokes proves his point pretty well, if you ask us.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter prior to the event, Maniscalco said “my jokes are absent of politics. They’re basically jokes about the most mundane things, whether it be about the subway or flying or talking about my immigrant father. I’m not touching any hot buttons in my comedy, and that won’t change for the VMAs.”


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