InfoWars Kicked Off YouTube Again, Two Days After The Platform’s CEO Made a Statement Supporting ‘Controversial’ Content

InfoWars has been kicked off of YouTube yet again, just two days after the platform’s CEO Susan Wojcicki said that she believes “preserving an open platform is more important than ever.”

Writing for the YouTube Creator Blog on Tuesday, Wojcicki said that “a commitment to openness is not easy. It sometimes means leaving up content that is outside the mainstream, controversial or even offensive. But I believe that hearing a broad range of perspectives ultimately makes us a stronger and more informed society, even if we disagree with some of those views.”

This lead to InfoWars’ War Room host Owen Shroyer making a new YouTube account, as her position should also apply to him.

In a sarcastic video, Shroyer announced that YouTube had announced that their InfoWars ban is lifted, of course, it wasn’t really. Still, based on Wojcicki’s statement, the team at InfoWars promptly made a new War Room account.

The account remained active overnight, with the video he posted getting widely shared across other platforms. The account was promptly removed when Vice News decided to write about it. An update to their article seems to humble-brag about their role in the censorship: “Shortly after this story was published, YouTube deleted Infowars’ War Room channel,” it says.

“We’re committed to preserving openness and balancing it with our responsibility to protect our community,” YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi told Vice. “This means taking action against channels that continue to violate our policies.”

InfoWars was banned across social media last year during a push by the pro-censorship leftist media to have him and those who work with him deplatformed.


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