Hillary Clinton Fundraises for Illegal Aliens Detained in Massive ICE Workplace Raids in Mississippi

Defeated 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is fundraising for groups providing legal aid to illegal aliens detained in the ICE workplace enforcement raids in Mississippi Wednesday, and aid for their families. The raids across seven chicken processing plants in the state detained about 680 suspected illegal aliens. ICE reported about 300 of those detained were released on humanitarian grounds to take care of children.

Clinton posted a statement on Twitter Friday promoting a fundraising page by the pro-Democrat group ActBlue that is directing funds to six illegal alien support groups.

Clinton said, “If you’re heartsick over the images and videos of children in Mississippi whose parents were taken away by ICE, pitch in or spread the word to fund organizations that are providing legal aid and support services to impacted families:”

On Thursday Clinton commented on photos of sobbing children of detained suspected illegal aliens, “Heading into next year’s elections, every voter must reckon with what their vote supports. At the border and around the country, a vote for Trump is a vote to tear parents away from their children.”

There was no tweet by Clinton about this American family recently permanently separated from their father by an illegal alien.

Text of the fundraiser for illegal aliens promoted by Clinton and the list of recipients. While the appeal leads with sob story language about ‘the children’, the list of recipients makes clear some of the funds will go to legal representation of the detained suspected illegal aliens.

Help Immigrant Kids and Families in Mississippi

On Wednesday, August 7, nearly 680 people in Mississippi were detained by ICE in what was the largest single-state workplace enforcement action in U.S. history. Raids in Canton, Bay Springs, Carthage, Sebastopol, and Pelahatchie immediately left many families in crisis. Children suddenly separated from their parents were left confused and frightened, and many have no one to care for them while their parents are held.

These devastated kids and families need your help. By donating, you’re supporting the critical work of the ACLU of Mississippi, El Pueblo Mississippi, MacArthur Justice Center, Mississippi Center for Justice, Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, and the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network as each of these groups organize humanitarian support for impacted families and rebuild the lives of the children whose lives are forever changed.

ACLU MS promotes civil liberties by providing legal support and impact litigation for the immigrant community.

El Pueblo Mississippi is organizing with the immigrant community and providing direct services to children and families in Mississippi.

MacArthur Justice Center is coordinating volunteer lawyers and the legal response on behalf of detained individuals and their children.

Mississippi Center for Justice is organizing legal coordination for immigrant families affected by the raids.

Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) is providing support services to the immigrant community and coordinating the hotline.

Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) is providing support services to the immigrant community and coordinating the hotline.

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