GOOGLE EMPLOYEE: Anyone Who Goes on Tucker Carlson is Complicit in Helping Him Spread ‘Dangerous Propaganda’

Ashley Edwards, a US Partnerships Manager for Google News Lab, posted a diatribe on Twitter Wednesday afternoon about how anyone who appears on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show is “complicit in helping him spread his dangerous propaganda.”

In the now-deleted tweets, which were archived by independent researcher Nick Monroe, Edwards claimed that she was previously asked to appear on his show to discuss a piece she wrote about “toxic masculinity and violence against women” following the Parkland shooting — despite a lack of any evidence that the shooter was specifically targeting women.

Edwards’ LinkedIn profile says that she is “a writer, editor, and content strategist with 7+ years of working in media. I’ve worked across the news landscape; at network and local television stations, a newspaper, and digital startups. I’m passionate about leveraging data and technology to tell compelling stories.” She has previously worked at Refinery 29, Mic and CNN as a production assistant intern. It says that she has been at Google News Labs for four months.

Google Labs is a team within Google News Initiative “whose mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to drive innovation in news. Offering partnerships and training in over 50 countries, the News Lab brings the best of Google technology to tackle important challenges in journalism today.”


In her series of tweets, Edwards wrote that “women who go on Tucker’s show are regularly harassed and doxxed. I’m glad I had better sense than to do it” and that “people go on Tucker’s show to raise their ‘profile’ as a ‘pundit’ — not to actually have an honest, intellectual debate.”

Google, of course, maintains that there is no political bias within their company.

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