Cringe! CNN Hack “Reporter” Repeatedly Owned By Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio at Portland Protest (Video)

During last weekend’s latest Antifa terrorist rage fest CNN journalist was sent to Portland to “report” on the scene and “interview” some of the attendees.

In what passes for “journalism” in the far left fake news media, CNN’s Sara Sidner goes to interview Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio. What follows was a cringe-fest of Sidner going off on opinionated monologues under the guise of questions, inserting her own opinions into Tarrio’s answers, repeatedly pulling the microphone away from Tarrio, and changing the subject in the middle of Tarrio’s sentences as he’s answering her in an articulate and concise manner.

It was an outrageous display.


The topics ranged from Antifa’s domestic terrorism, to what exactly the Proud Boys are, to accusations of racism, to Sidner comparing the Portland event to the Charlottesville massacre from two years ago.

Enrique Tarrio, by the way, is of Cuban decent.

And the left considers that interview a win. CNN is not at all embarrassed by this. They apparently consider this to be proper reporting. And they wonder why their ratings are in the tank?

Other far left outlets came to CNN’s rescue. Take Raw Story for example. Their headline is “Trump-loving “hate group” leader struggles to defend chauvinism during CNN interview on Portland chaos” while they actually put Tarrio’s response from the interview in their write up, where he actually defines,  defends, and clarifies what “chauvinism” is, in the middle of Sidner trying to pull the microphone away from him over and over.

Despite actually being there on the ground, watching what started as dueling protests devolve into yet another near riot by Antifa terrorists, Sidner refuses to mention that 13 Antifa terrorists were arrested throughout the day on a bevy of different charges.

This is her final tweet from the day:

Sidner went on to interview a couple of the masked terrorists from antifa, lobbing them softball questions, letting them speak without interrupting them, all while continuing to insert her opinion as her questions. Note the soviet hammer and sickle on the side of the guy’s (?) helmet.

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