CNN’s Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Says Trump’s Mouth is a Threat to This Country

CNN’s Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo asserted on Friday that the “president’s mouth is a threat to this country.”

Cuomo was discussing President Trump’s use of the term “enemy” to describe Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Chinese President Xi Jinping when he made the remark and accused the president of “dereliction of duty.”

“We all get politics is often about provocative talk, trash talk even,” Cuomo said. “But there is also a point at which what he is saying is inherently abnormal and a dereliction of his duty. His oath is … to preserve and protect the Constitution. I argue that he’s not doing either.”

“The truth is, the president’s mouth is a threat to this country,” he added.

“The sick part is why he’s doing this — it’s just because both these men represent what he doesn’t want. They won’t do what he wants,” Cuomo said. “This president is a living, breathing, tweeting example of a very different America than the one that made us great.”

It is somewhat ironic that Cuomo would have the gall to talk about anyone else’s temper after his recently meltdown over being called “Fredo.”

President Trump had taken aim at Powell earlier in the day after the federal reserve chair said that though the Fed might cut interest rates to help bolster the economy, it cannot fix any damage caused by trade battles.

“Setting trade policy is the business of Congress and the administration, not that of the Fed,” Powell said during the Fed’s annual summit. “While monetary policy is a powerful tool that works to support consumer spending, business investment, and public confidence, it cannot provide a settled rulebook for international trade.”

President Trump responded in a pair of tweets, saying that we have a “very strong dollar and a very weak Fed.” and that he will work “brilliantly” with both.

The president also told reporters that he would not stop Powell if he decided he wanted to resign.

“Do I want him to resign? Let me put it this way: If he did, I wouldn’t stop him,” Trump said, adding that he is unhappy with him.

“I don’t think he’s much of a chess player. But I’ve got him,” he said.

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