BIDEN: President Trump ‘Fanning Flames of White Supremacy’ – ‘Fueling Carnage’ (VIDEO)

2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden lashed out at President Trump during a campaign stop in Iowa on Wednesday.

President Trump traveled to Miami Valley hospital in Dayton, Ohio Wednesday afternoon to visit the victims and first responders of Sunday’s mass shooting.

Biden just couldn’t help himself. He had to attack President Trump and defame him while he was with First Lady Melania visiting wounded Americans in the hospital.


Biden said that Trump is ‘fanning the flames of white supremacy’ and ‘fueling a literal carnage.’

“This president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. His low-energy, vacant-eyed mouthing of the words written for him condemning white supremacists this week, I don’t believe fooled anyone,” Biden said.


President Trump on Wednesday slammed Biden and the “LameStream media” on Twitter.

Despite what the liars in the media say, the medical staff at Miami Valley hospital in Dayton welcomed President Trump with open arms.

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