WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Why I’m a Republican

By Wayne Allyn Root

I’ve been out of the Vegas heat and enjoying the July 4th holiday weekend at my second home and personal slice of heaven, in Park City, Utah.

Park City is what America should be. There is no crime or traffic jams. Life is clean and thinking is clear up in the mountains.

For three months each summer, it’s exactly 75 to 85 degrees, and sunny without a cloud in the sky, almost every single day. It is the definition of All-American paradise and perfection.

And the patriotism here in Utah is through the roof. Park City has the finest small town July 4th nparade in the country. We had an awe-inspiring Air Force fly-over to start the parade. Then it was police motorcycles, shiny red fire trucks with their sirens on, beauty queens riding in classic cars, cheerleaders, gymnasts, kids, dogs and American flags everywhere.

I saw more smiling kids, dogs and American flags in one morning in Park City, than I see in a year in Las Vegas. Everyone in Park City’s parade was proud to be an American!

Colin Kaepernick and Nike would have been sick to their stomachs.

Then the news started rolling in. It all became clear why I’m a Republican. Liberals are negative, nasty people who clearly hate America.

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick attacked America on July 4th as literally “the worst nation on earth.”

Democrat Congresswomen Rashida Talib and Ayanna Pressley on July 4th trashed our Declaration of Independence as “sexist, racist and prejudiced.”

Anonymous Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro (scoring 0 in polls) compared the Betsy Ross American flag to the Confederate flag. Even though that exact flag flew over Obama’s 2nd inauguration. Don’t liberals ever get tired of looking like fools.

Corey Booker, another Democrat presidential candidate polling close to 0, spent July 4th in Mexico, personally walking illegal aliens across the border into America.

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accused Border Patrol agents of “terrorizing” illegal aliens and called for the border patrol to be eliminated.

AOC (aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) continued comparing illegal aliens in detention centers to Nazi concentration camps. Rashida Talib (D- Hamas/Hezbollah) seconded her motion- declaring “they are absolutely concentration camps.”

A San Francisco public school is painting over a historic mural of George Washington, because to liberals it represents slavery and genocide.

Supposedly “moderate” Joe Biden joined other radical Democrat presidential candidates in demanding free health insurance for illegals, paid for by the rest of us, for the crime of being born American. Don’t forget there isn’t enough money for our hero American vets, VA medical care, or homeless vets.

Meanwhile, on Friday the June jobs report was released. The Trump economy is booming. There were 224,000 new jobs in June and 3.7% unemployment. WOW.

Trump has produced 399% more manufacturing jobs in his first 26 months versus Obama’s last 26 months.

Food stamp use is the lowest in 10 years (since before Obama became president- surprise).

I feel terrible for Democrats. Their lives are misery. Always unhappy. Always depressed. Always seeing the worst in America. Always seeing “concentration camps” where there aren’t any. Always threatening violence. Bernie Sanders just this week featured a photo of a man attempting to assassinate candidate Trump, in a Bernie fundraising pitch. What a miserable human Bernie must be.

Liberals see a nation that supported slavery. I see a nation that defeated slavery. Liberals see whites as the slave owners. I see whites as Northern soldiers who fought and died to end slavery. Liberals see a nation that mistreats illegal immigrants. But then why do illegals keep coming by the millions? Kind of defeats the liberal argument, huh?

If things are so bad in America…if immigrants are so mistreated, why not go home? I see a nation that billions of people across the globe are willing to die to come to. I guess we’re not so bad, afterall.

I want to be happy and positive most of the time. I love America. That’s why I’m a Republican. God Bless America.

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