Watch Mueller Get Triggered and Defensive After GOP Lawmaker Blasts His Crooked Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann (VIDEO)

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday to testify to two separate House Committees about his bogus and abusive Russia investigation.

Most of Mueller’s answers to Republican lawmakers were short sentences like “that’s not within my purview” or “I can’t talk about internal deliberations.”

Mueller didn’t really show emotion.


However, Mueller got very triggered and defensive when Republican Congressman Ben Cline (VA) blasted his precious “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann for his years of prosecutorial misconduct.

Congressman Cline brought up Weissmann’s abysmal record and pointed out that in 2005, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Arthur Andersen’s conviction.

“Members of your legal team in fact have had convictions overturned because they were based on an incorrect legal theory, correct?” Ben Cline asked referring to Weissmann’s Arthur Andersen debacle.

Rep. Cline then called Weissmann out by name.

Mueller was so triggered that he interrupted Rep. Cline to defend Weissmann’s legal theory then later again defended his precious pit bull.

“Let me just say with Andrew Weissmann is one of the more talented attorneys we have on board and over a period of time he has run a number of units,” Mueller said visibly angry over Cline’s criticism of Weissmann.

After watching Mueller stutter his way through the hearing Wednesday it’s obvious he didn’t write the report nor did he even know what was in it — his corrupt “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann ran the investigation and wrote the report which is why he became so defensive when Cline blasted him for being a corrupt dirty cop.

After all, the “Weissmann investigation” and the “Weissmann report” just doesn’t sound as good as the “Mueller investigation.”


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