‘Unity4J’ Twitter Account Aimed at Supporting Julian Assange Suspended Without Explanation

“Unity4J,” of the biggest Twitter accounts aimed specifically at supporting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has been suspended from Twitter without any explanation.

The nonpartisan account had over 10,000 followers and shared news and updates from both left and right wing sources.

Christy Dopf, one of the admins on the account, told The Gateway Pundit that they have not been given a reason for the suspension from Twitter. “We have only received correspondence that our appeal was received and open,” she said. “With over 10k followers, this creates a large gap on the communication Unity4J passed on about #FreeAssange events currently and information on how to be involved/support Julian, and breaking news on his situation.”

Christine Assange, mother of the WikiLeaks founder, has blasted Twitter for the ban.


Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters also posted a video condemning the censorship and Big Tech.

Waters took aim directly at Twitter, saying that they are now Big Brother.

“Twitter — you are Big Brother. Now we know it for sure. We always suspected it,” Waters demanded. “You are arm of the thought police. You are an arm of the forces of oppression. You wish to suppress freedom of speech, journalism, freedom of anything probably.”

The account was originally created to promote Unity4J online vigils which brought together supporters and friends of Assange from all over the political spectrum. The goal was to create unity among those who support him and share information on a weekly basis.

The ban came during the same week as the Global Media Conference in the UK and the Social Media Conference at the White House, Dopf noted.


“Unity4J is a Twitter account dedicated to supporting #FreeAssange activists, we alert our followers to events and rallies on the ground, information on how to support Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and we help convey breaking news. Many of our followers live-tweet rallies and events to us, to push out to our audience as well.”

Writer Caitlin Johnstone also spoke out about the ban, stating that “the censorship of political speech on online media platforms is a large and growing problem. Twitter has been better about this than the far more sycophantic Facebook and Google, but the discrimination against anti-establishment political speech is undeniable at this point.”


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