That’s Weird? So far No Tweets from Comey, Obama, Hillary or Brennan About Deep State Mueller’s Train Wreck in Front of Congress

Funny, but there haven’t been any tweets from the corrupt group that gave us all the Trump Russian collusion hoax since before Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of Congress.  What a train wreck these corrupt individuals planned in an attempt to remove President Trump from office through their coup.

Former Director James Comey tweeted about his ‘friend’ Robert Mueller hours before Mueller’s testimony in front of Congress, but he hasn’t been heard from since –

Barack Obama hasn’t left any tweets and Hillary Clinton has ignored the Mueller train wreck by tweeting about how her corrupt Clinton Foundation was somehow supposedly helping someone.  Of course, this is a lie based on Clinton Foundation actions to date.

Even the emotional and loud-mouthed former CIA Director under Obama has remained silent.  The self-proclaimed “Nonpartisan American” John Brennan hasn’t tweeted since Mueller showed the world that the Special Counsel was a criminal enterprise based on a bunch of lies –


In Brennan’s twitter handle, Brennan, who many believe was the architect of the Trump – Russia witch hunt, claims to be concerned about “our collective future”.

The only collective future that Brennan is concerned about is that of his criminal mafia Deep State.  These gangsters can’t be indicted soon enough.

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