Protesters and Tech Problems Plague Democrat Debate (VIDEO)


The Communists Democrats are in Detroit, Michigan for round two of the debates tonight.

Things aren’t going so smoothly.

Protesters targeting New York Mayor Bill de Blasio began chanting while Democrat Senator Cory Booker was speaking.


Protesters chanted “fire Pantaleo!”

Pantaleo is the Staten Island cop involved in Eric Garner death. Bill de Blasio was the target of the protest.


There were also tech problems during the debate.

Several candidates, including Kamala Harris, were experiencing horrible microphone feedback.


Last month the Democrat debate, which aired on NBC, was plagued with audio glitches and tv screens across the nation went black multiple times.

Not only did NBC and MSNBC have to abruptly cut to commercial after an embarrassing audio glitch during the first round of the Democratic Party presidential debates in Miami Wednesday night, it turns out TV screens across the nation went to black multiple times for several seconds at a time during the debate broadcast, TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported last month.

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