President Trump: ‘Mainstream Media is out of control,’ They ‘Constantly Lie’

President Donald Trump is blasting the media once again after the Washington Post published an article that he says used “made up” sources.

The article that sparked the outrage referred to Trump’s tweets about “the Squad” as racist in the headline and claimed that advisers wrote talking points for him and handed him reams of opposition research on the four freshmen congresswomen.

“The Amazon Washington Post front-page story yesterday was total Fake News,” Trump tweeted. “They said ‘Advisors wrote new talking points and handed him reams of opposition research on the four Congresswomen.’ Now really, does that sound like me?”

“What advisors, there were no talking points except for those stated by me, & ‘reams of paper’ were never given to me. It is a made-up story meant to demean & belittle. The Post had no sources. The facts remain the same, that we have 4 Radical Left Congresswomen who have said very bad things about Israel & our Country,” Trump continued.

The tweet was referring to Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley , and Rashida Tlaib — the members who make up “The Squad.”

President Trump didn’t stop with just the Post, however. He also took aim at the Mainstream Media as a whole.

“Mainstream Media is out of control. They constantly lie and cheat in order to get their Radical Left Democrat views out their for all to see. It has never been this bad. They have gone bonkers, & no longer care what is right or wrong. This large scale false reporting is sick!” he wrote. “Fake News Equals the Enemy of the People!”


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