Ouch! Trey Gowdy on Mueller Testimony: “Well, He Said He Didn’t Want to Come and Now We Know Why He Didn’t Want to Come” (VIDEO)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.
It was a slow motion trainwreck.

Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, mumbling, lost, doddering and nervous old man. He frequently paged through his notes.

There is no way Mueller ran this thing!

Former Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy had this to say about today’s performance by Robert Mueller:


“Well, he said he didn’t want to come and now we know why he didn’t want to come.”

Gowdy thought Mueller’s testimony was so conflicted and embarrassing he added that he would not be surprised if Democrats wanted to cancel the afternoon hearing.

It was a devastating performance by the deep state front man.

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