NBC’s Chuck Todd: Mueller Did Nothing to ‘Advance’ Impeachment (VIDEO)

NBC’s Chuck Todd said that Robert Mueller’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee did not give anything to Democrats to “help advance” the cause of impeachment.

It isn’t just the right that can clearly see that Mueller came across as bumbling and confused.

Todd said that Democrats were “looking for this dramatic moment that would capture the imagination,” noting that there are many members who support impeachment.

“If that’s what Bob Mueller thought was needed to be done, he didn’t do anything today to help advance that cause. If he believes that’s where this should end,” Todd asserted.


CNN also implied that the Mueller testimony was a victory for Republicans.


The CNN panel was also bewildered by the fact that Mueller seemed so unfamiliar with his own case.

Jake Tapper asserted that there were “times in the hearing when he was sharp as a tack — but we can’t avoid the fact that there were times in the hearing when he was not.”

“There were times in the hearing when either he couldn’t hear what the questioner was asking, sometimes they spoke very quickly and they were not particularly polite and respectful of the fact that this was a 74-year-old who obviously was having trouble,” Tapper said. “There were also times when it seemed like he was unfamiliar with parts of the investigation. Like, he didn’t seem familiar with the name Fusion GPS.”

Another guest chimed in and noted that he also seemed to be unfamiliar with the name Corey LewandowskI — Trump’s former campaign manager.

Someone also noted that he couldn’t remember who appointed him as the Attorney General in Boston.

“I don’t know if he couldn’t hear, or if actually he is not as well versed with this report as many of the people on this panel are right now,” Tapper said.

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