Mexican Soldiers Cross Border in El Paso – Get Into “Scuffle” With US Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol council Brandon Judd appeared on Fox Business Tuesday night to discuss the crisis at the border and Trump’s new asylum law aimed at stopping the flow of Central American migrants.

Judd told Gregg Jarrett, who filled in for Lou Dobbs that Mexican soldiers crossed into the US through the Rio Grande river at 6:15 ET on Tuesday and got into a scuffle with US border patrol agents.

“We just had another ‘Mexican military incursion’ into the United States,” Judd said. “We had several military personnel from Mexico cross the Rio Grande river and come up to our fence, which is about 200 yards north into the United States — they were looking around and when an agent responded, the vast majority of them went back.”

It was at this point that US border patrol had a scuffle with one of the Mexican soldiers.

“One of them didn’t make it back and the agent tried to take that individual into custody — a minor scuffle ensued in which the Mexican military official was able to get away and make it back into Mexico,” Judd said.

Brandon Judd said this goes to show just how difficult the situation is at the border.


Recall, just a couple months ago, Mexican military personnel actually disarmed US soldiers.

A group of armed Mexican soldiers disarmed and detained two US soldiers on the US side of the border near Clint, Texas on April 13th.

Officials with US Northern Command told CNN that “The U.S. soldiers were appropriately in U.S. territory,” and were reportedly providing border support “in an unmarked (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) vehicle.”

According to officials, the Mexican soldiers pointed their firearms at the two US soldiers and removed a sidearm from one of the US soldiers.

Brandon Judd said the Mexican soldiers who crossed into Texas Tuesday evening were not carrying weapons.

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