Mayor Bill de Blasio Says Trump Will Not Be Welcome Back in NYC After His Presidency

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claims that Donald Trump will not be welcome back to the city after his presidency ends, despite the fact that the president is more popular in the state than he is.

According to a poll by Sienna College, 34% of registered voters have a favorable view of Trump in New York, while only 29% have a favorable view of de Blasio.

The mayor, who is also running as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, also challenged President Trump to a debate during a BuzzFeed event with their Editor in Chief Ben Smith.

“[Trump] doesn’t understand New York City,” de Blasio told Buzzfeed on Thursday. “And when his presidency is over, really soon, he will not be welcome back in New York City.”

“I challenge you, Donald Trump, to come to New York City, and I will debate you about what’s right for New York City,” de Blasio continued in a video he posted to Twitter.

President Trump had blasted the mayor on Thursday over the viral videos of NYPD officers being hit with buckets as people poured water on them while they were making an arrest.

“What took place in NYC with water being tossed on NYPD officers was a total disgrace. It is time for @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio to STAND UP for those who protect our lives and serve us all so well,” Trump tweeted. “What took place was completely unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. Bill de Blasio should act immediately!”


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