Hate Hoaxer Erica Thomas Admits Man Never Told Her to “Go Back to Where You Came From” (VIDEO)

Erica Thomas

Democrat State Rep. Erica Thomas on Saturday told the media and supporters that a white man told her to “go back to where you came from.”
Thomas is an African-American Democrat. She was at a Publix grocery store in Cobb County, Georgia and was checking out at the express lane with too many items when Eric Sparkes confronted her.

Erica Thomas was asked specifically by a reporter if the man who confronted her at Publix, (who happens to be a lifelong Democrat and Cuban) used the exact wording, “go back to where you came from.”

“I don’t wanna say he said go back to your country or go back to where you came from, but he was making those types of references is what I remember,” Thomas said.

So that’s what she remembers…

Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes had a heated exchange outside of Publix on Saturday as the cameras rolled.

Sparkes admitted he called Thomas a “lazy bitch” but that he never told her to “go back to where you came from.”

“This woman is playing the victim for political purposes because she is a state legislator,” Sparkes said. “I’m a Democrat and will vote Democrat for the rest of my life, so call me whatever you want to believe. For her political purposes, make it black, white, brown, whatever. It is untrue.”


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