EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hong Kong Protesters Storm Legislative Council Building – Stunning Video From Inside – Protests Continue Against China

(Live from Hong Kong)

Guest video from award winning journalist Michael Yon

On Monday night in Hong Kong protesters broke inside the government’s Legislative Council (LegCo) Building in the heart of the city.  Below is an exclusive video of the activities of the protesters after they had stormed the building that night.

On Monday night protesters in Hong Kong stormed the main government building in the heart of Hong Kong.  The annual protest which occurs on the anniversary of the day that the UK turned over Hong Kong to China was perhaps its most violent to date.

Over the past few weeks huge numbers of protestors have gathered in Hong Kong to take a stand against another change in Hong Kong law moving the tiny country further under Mainland China’s grip.  On Monday the protests again turned ugly when police fired tear gas at the outraged demonstrators.

Thousands protested this year as in the past with perhaps even more participation after Hong Kong politicians announced changes to the law that would allow the country to extradite suspected criminals to China. The concern is that it would allow Beijing to arrest protesters and deport them to China.

On Monday night the protests turned ugly.

Tuesday’s Headlines condemned the perpetrators.  The South China Morning post stated – Widespread condemnation for protesters who stormed Hong Kong’s legislature while Carrie Lam vows to pursue those who unleashed chaos ‘to the end’.

Below is a video of the events that occurred in what is Hong Kong’s equivalent to the US Capital Building.  The video shows the inside activities after protesters entered the LegCo building.

The video begins in a surreal setting as it shows numerous individuals walking freely inside the LegCo Monday night (where are the police?).  Grafitti is all over the walls in black paint.  Beginning at around the 1:40 minute mark in the video below, the self proclaimed leader of the movement is dressed in black to prevent himself from being identified.  He is speaking to reporters.  He says –

We’ve come here for justice, for a greater purpose.  But if we get arrested just by seeing the riots, it’s not fair at all because … we are not just breaking things.  We are not even hurting anyone at all…

We’ve made a strong statement, we haven’t forgotten that we have a mission…They (China government) is going to do more.  They are going to take absolutely take over Hong Kong after 30 – 30 something years.

And there is more –

At the end of the video you see protesters wandering around the area of the LegCo were it appears the government meets for debate.

Here is the exclusive video from Hong Kong –

It is unknown why the police allowed the protesters to enter the building.   The police reportedly abandoned their positions late in the evening on Monday which allowed the protesters entrance to the building.

Some were claiming that perhaps the government set up the protesters.  The graffiti on the walls was not consistent with prior protests which were for the most part peaceful and not violent.  While public sentiment is not in favor of damaging property, the people of Hong Kong are also not in favor of becoming part of communist China.

China would be best off by just leaving the current relationship between Hong Kong and China alone.

Michael Yon is the shooter and copyright owner of the video presented in this post.  His Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelYonFanPage/

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