Democrat Black Child Abuse: Video Shows NYC Day Camp Closed by HUD’s Lynne Patton Was Overrun by Rats, Roaches and Maggots; Smelled So Bad Kids and Teachers Vomited

A child day camp in East Harlem, New York City closed last week by HUD Region II Administrator Lynne Patton was overrun by rats, roaches and maggots for over a year as NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) failed to solve the problem, according to a report by WNBC-TV.

Far left Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination while still mayor, has been in office since 2014. 48 of the 51 seats in New York City Council are held by Democrats, only 3 are held by Republicans.

Patton called out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Fox News Monday for being more concerned about migrants than Americans in her own backyard of New York City.

AOC represents New York’s 14th Congressional District that covers parts of The Bronx and Queens. East Harlem is in the 13th CD and is represented by Adriano Espaillat.

The video report by WNBC on July 23 shows rats, roaches and maggots in the rooms where children and teachers gathered at the Jackie Robinson Houses public housing complex in East Harlem for summer day camp. Dead rats filled with maggots fell from the ceiling. The smell was so bad from the dead and decaying rats that teachers and students vomited. Roaches were everywhere. And while a reporter was interviewing a child a rat ran through the classroom.

WNBC reporter Melissa Russo posted about her report. Patton retweeted both tweets by Russo.


Excerpt from Gothamist report:

A Harlem summer camp held in a NYCHA community center has been suspended due to stomach-churning conditions: Rotting rat corpses falling from the moldering drop ceiling, random showers of maggots, and cockroaches everywhere, according to NBC New York’s investigative team.

“When we walked in on Monday, I was like, ‘Oh my God, it just smells really bad in here,'” center director Ashia Broussard told NBC. “And then I started to feel nauseous, and then I just started throwing up.”

Broussard added that none of the air conditioners were functional. “It’s just constantly issue after issue,” she continued, adding that NYCHA—which oversees the Jackie Robinson Houses, where the non-profit SCAN New York runs a day camp—keeps giving her “the runaround” when she requests repairs…

Not to worry, New York City’s Democratic Party Congressmen have demanded a report.

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