HUD’s Lynne Patton Calls Out AOC: Maggot-Infested Rats Falling Out of Ceiling in Children’s Day Camp in New York City

In a scathing interview Monday, HUD Region II Administrator Lynne Patton called out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) about conditions in her hometown New York City, saying she was forced to close a children’s day camp last week because maggot-infested rats were falling from the ceiling onto children’s desks.

Patton’s voice quavered with emotion as she spoke about the rats falling from the ceiling. Patton appeared on the Fox News Channel program The Story with Martha MacCallum with guest host Sandra Smith.

“…Let me tell you something, Americans are sick and tired of being put last by politicians who took an oath to put them first. I am in Ocasio-Cortez’s district more than she is. She’s more concerned about conditions on the border than conditions in her own backyard. This past week I had to shut down a children’s day camp because dead rats were falling through the ceiling and hitting the ground, and falling on children’s desks so infested with maggots that they broke apart when they hit the ground causing staffers to throw up. That’s what’s happening in New York City.”

The video clip of Patton’s appearance has not been uploaded to FNC’s YouTube channel, however @kbq225 recorded and posted it to Twitter Monday night. It was reposted Tuesday by @OratioLiberum:

More: WPIX-TV reported last week on a federal report about a rat-infested NYCHA public housing apartment complex in Harlem where conditions are so bad workers refuse to work the trash compactors for fear of being attacked by rats, leaving the residents with rats all over and inside the building.

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan — The rat infestation is so bad at one New York City Housing Authority complex that residents feel they are “hostages in our own home at night.”

The Washington Houses Tenant Association’s executive board sent a letter to NYCHA about the problem before Winter of 2018. It noted that “rats start to come out at 6 p.m. like clockwork.” The rats are still a problem now, according to Tenant Association President Claudia Perez.

“I have more rats than I do residents,” she said…

New York City is run by Mayor Bill de Blasio who is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

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