David Axelrod: “Delicate to Say” But Mueller “Does Not Appear Sharp” as He Was… “It Helps Explain Why He Wanted Aide Nearby”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, mumbling, bumbling, agreeable, lost and nervous doddering old man.
He frequently paged through his notes.

During questioning by Rep. Jackson Lee (D-TX) he was COMPLETELY LOST!
“Could you repeat the question?”


This exchanged with Sheila Jackson Lee was embarrassing.

Even Barack Obama campaign manager David Axelrod admitted Robert Mueller did not bring his A-game.

David Axelrod: This is delicate to say, but Mueller, whom I deeply respect, has not publicly testified before Congress in at least six years. And he does not appear as sharp as he was then… And it helps explain why Mueller wanted his aide nearby.

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