Antifa Calls for ‘National Border Resistance’ in Texas, Demands White ‘Accomplices’ Pay for ‘Marginalized People’ to Get There

One of the largest Antifa websites, It’s Going Down, is calling for a “national border resistance convergence in El Paso, Texas” starting on September 1st.

The ten day long “convergence” is being organized by multiple Antifa groups and calls for “direct action” against Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Local and national organizers are working together to build 10 days of trainings and direct actions for the Border Resistance Convergence in El Paso, TX – September 1-10th. We are calling on affinity groups everywhere to come together and help us address US-funded genocide and local concentration camps,” the call to action reads.

An “affinity group” is a group of militant radicals who work together.

“This convergence is being run by Indigenous & QTPOC (Queer, trans, people of color) leadership and anyone who passively or aggressively disrespects that will be asked to leave,” the website states.

Prior to the event in El Paso, Antifa is planning to hold a week long “Border Resistance Tour” in which they will train militant leftists in direct action tactics.

On the website for the protest, the organizers write that it is the “responsibility” of white people to pay for people of color to attend.

“It is the responsibility of white and privileged accomplices while attending this convergence to financially enable their more marginalized accomplices to be here,” the website’s registration form states in bold letters.

The registration form also says that white people who show up to protest with dreadlocks will be forced to cut them off, as it is seen as “cultural appropriation.”

“PS: If you come with white ‘dreads’, feathers in your hair as a colonizer, or other ‘microaggressive’ signs of cultural appropriation/disrespect, you will be asked to cut them off or leave,” the registration form says.


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