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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Hurl Racist Comments at Black Fox News Reporter

A Fox News reporter was viciously harassed over his race by anti-Trump protesters while covering an “Impeach Trump” rally in New York City on Saturday.

Lawrence Jones, who is also the editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, was interviewing attendees at the protest in Foley Square when demonstrators began heckling him with racist insults.

Fox News reports that one of the men told Jones to “go back to Fox News, where there’s more cotton for you to pick.” A producer from the network immediately confronted the man and asked him what he said, which prompted the protester to repeat it.

A second man then confronted Jones and said, “He’ll tell you to go back to Kenya next.”


“You say what now?” Jones replied.

“He’ll tell you ‘go back to Kenya’ next,” the man said again, presumably referring to the Fox News producer.

“They know that with our reports and exposing the poverty and the failure of policies that all these Democrat cities have been doing to many people that look like me… they believe that all black people need to think the same way. They want us to stay on the welfare system so we can’t progress in life and I’m going to expose it every single day,” Jones told Fox News following the incident. “If they think I’m going to stand down because they yelled obscene things to me, they got another thing coming.”

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