Seven-Year-Old From Texas Raises $22,000 for Border Wall With Hot Chocolate and Lemonade Stands

A seven-year-old child from Texas has raised $22,000 for a border wall with lemonade and hot chocolate stands.

The child, Benton Stevens, attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for We Build The Wall‘s unveiling of the first portion of a crowdfunded barrier in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

“Benton Stevens raised $22k with his hot chocolate stand to help build the wall! We were honored to have him at our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday for the wall he helped pay for along with all of you who donated. This is only the beginning and we’re excited to keep building more to protect our nation and the legal citizens who proudly call American their home!” We Build the Wall, an organization crowdfunding the private construction of a border wall wrote on Facebook.

The child decided he wanted to help fund the wall after watching President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address last year, and began raising money with his lemonade and hot chocolate stands in February.

Stevens has also now launched a website called Benton’s Stand where you can purchase packaged lemonade and hot chocolate.


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