Oregon Church Hosting Antifa Summer Camp for Children

A Portland area church is hosting a social justice summer camp to indoctrinate children into Antifa.

The camp, called Budding Roses, features a masked child in their flyer.

According to their Facebook page, “Budding Roses is a volunteer collective of educators, students and activists who provide free social justice summer camps and year-round workshops for Portland-area youth in 4th-8th grade.”

“In our work we strive to be a resource for both the campers, their families, and the broader community.  With funding from the Black Rose Anarchist Federation, an online fundraising campaign, and in-kind donations of space, supplies, and services we were able to offer two hot meals a day, school supplies, and a back-to-school haircut for youth last summer. In addition to this we hope that with the skills, ideas and support found at Budding Roses, each camper is empowered to make a lasting positive change in their community,” their page explains.


The camp is free and is aimed at children who are entering 4th-8th grades. In addition to being funded by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation, a fundraiser for the children’s camp featured bands such as “DIY Sluts” and “None But Equals.”

PJ Media, who first reported on the existence of the camp, wrote that “the first thing that struck me, before anything else, was the mask-clad, fist-raising elementary school kids in the illustration. Teaching incoming 4th-8th-graders how to riot, become members of antifa, and join a communist revolution seems a bit much—even for Portland, Oregon. Notice the star on the mask and the raised fist. Classic imagery from the USSR, China, and other violent Marxist revolutions in the 20th century.”

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