Michelle Malkin Raises Over $50,000 in a Few Hours for Journalist Attacked and Robbed By Antifa

Journalist and political commentator Michelle Malkin has raised over $50,000 (updated) to hire security and buy new camera equipment for Quillette editor Andy Ngo in less than hour.

Ngo was viciously attacked and robbed by Antifa thugs while covering a Portland protest on Saturday.

The GoFundMe campaign immediately went viral and over 100 people contributed in the first half hour to help the brave and intrepid journalist as he sat in an emergency room.

“My friend, Portland, Oregon-based journalist Andy Ngo, was beaten and robbed today by Antifa while covering the latest paroxysms of left-wing violence. Andy has been singled out, doxxed, and targeted by SJW thugs while police stand by and do nothing,” Malkin wrote in her GoFundMe campaign.  “Please help raise money for his security and medical needs, and to help him replace his stolen equipment.”

“I said during my CPAC speech earlier this year that we need to stand with those reporting and fighting on the front lines. Andy is one of the intrepid journalists doing the job no one else will do. I’ve been in touch with him and he has given me the green light to create this fund. All funds will help him continue his invaluable work. We need him back in action ASAP,” Malkin continued. “And if you work in law enforcement or private security, please contact me directly to help form an effective security plan to keep Andy safe.”

Ngo’s face was covered in wounds as he did a livestream explaining what had happened. The well-respected journalist said he was assaulted by the protesters multiple times without any help from police.

“Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help,” Ngo tweeted.

The journalist reported that the suspects are still at large and Portland Police have tweeted asking for any videos or information that can help identify the attackers.

The event he was covering was promoted as “Community Self-Defense Against Proud Boy Attack,” by Rose City Antifa. Ngo had tweeted prior to the event that he was nervous about covering it.

“I am nervous about tomorrow’s Portland antifa rally. They’re promising ‘physical confrontation’ & have singled me out to be assaulted. I went on Tucker Carlson last year to explain why I think they’re doing this: They’re seeking meaning through violence,” Ngo wrote on the eve of the event.

Rose City Antifa claimed on their website that Ngo had been “participating” in protests that he had simply attended to cover and called for violence against him.


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