VP Pence Mocks Democrats After Mexico Deploys 15,000 Troops To U.S. Border: Doing ‘More Than Congressional Dems’

Mexico has deployed 15,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in an aggressive move to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the United States, a move Vice President Mike Pence is decidedly more than Democrats in Congress have done.

“In the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of National Guard elements and military units,”  Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval said.

In addition, some 2,000 Mexican National Guard members have been dispatched to Mexico’s southern border with Belize and Guatemala, where there are already nearly 5,000 troops already. Huge caravans of migrants from Central American countries have been walking through Mexico on their way to the U.S. border, which Mexico now says it will seek to stop.

Pence praised Mexico for the move, while also mocking the do-nothing Democrats in Congress.

“Mexico is keeping its promise & now sending 15,000 troops to border to help with crisis. Meanwhile Dems won’t fund beds for migrant children. Mexico continues to do more than Congressional Dems to secure our border, and its time for them to STEP UP!” Pence wrote on Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. also ridiculed congressional Democrats for sitting on their hands during the major crisis at the border.

“Mexico doing more to protect America than democrats. The dems have lost their way… they are not your grandfather’s democrat party any longer and haven’t been for far too long,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter.

The new deployments by Mexico come after President Trump threatened to impose growing tariffs on Mexico. During lengthy negotiations Washington — which sometimes grew heated — Mexico caved and offered to shore up its borders to stem the tariffs.

Earlier this month, Trump wrote on Twitter: “I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico. The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended. Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border. This is being done to greatly reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. Details of the agreement will be released shortly by the State Department. Thank you!”



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