Leftists Peddle “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” Theory For Tulsi’s Google Search Bump and Drudge Poll Win

Not content with going after Trump with fake “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” accusations anymore, leftists are now attacking their own Tulsi Gabbard, claiming that “RUSSIAN BOTS” are responsible for her big bump in Google searches following the first 2020 democrat Presidential debate.

Liberals are even mocking her and saying she’s the heir to the Lyndon LaRouche legacy.





Strangely enough, many of the people peddling this fringe conspiracy theory have few Twitter followers, which could be a sign that they, themselves, are the Russian bots peddling a fake Russian bot theory.

Even the Daily Beast is doing hit jobs on her.

Trendy New York rag The Cut claims that Tulsi’s sister is the one “stirring up drama” for pointing out how much time NBC was devoting to Elizabeth Warren during the debate.

Watching the left eat their own is always entertaining, but to watch them eat the most pragmatic among the candidates is a sign of how crazy the far left has become.


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