Happy Birthday President Trump – Thank You for Making America Great Again!

Today President Trump turns 73 – Happy Birthday President Trump!

President Trump is doing all he can to help America recover after the eight horrible years of the Obama Administration.  It has not been easy.  America still has massive debt due to the $10 trillion added by Obama.  Our FBI and DOJ and other federal agencies were politicized and made corrupt.  There’s still lots more to do.

But America is winning again.  There’s no more Iran deal,  no more Paris deal, no more 10% unemployment, no more jobs going overseas and south of our border, no more stagnant stock markets and no more flailing GDP.

America is great again due to this President. Record stock markets, more people working than ever before, fewer Americans on food stamps and the lowest unemployment in certain categories ever – all because of President Trump.



The President is a winner!


Thank you President Trump – Enjoy your day – You deserve it!

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