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Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Deep State and Democrats Are Terrified of Doddering “Figurehead” Mueller Testifying – He’s Unable to Answer Material Questions

Mueller cannot get in front of a Congressional panel to address questions about his Mueller report.  Deep State won’t let him.  It would be devastating to their coup.  “Placeholder” Mueller does not know all that happened under his watch.

For two years the Mueller special counsel was investigating the President of the United States.  The Democrats and their Deep State cheered him on.  Numerous corrupt and criminal events took place.  The last thing that the Democrats now want is for him to testify in public about his bogus, dishonest and one-sided report.

Those that want the truth could ask – When did the investigation into Trump and Russia start?  Why did you not address the phony Steele dossier in your report?  Why did you not look at any of the actions by the Hillary team who paid for and supplied the dossier?  Who cleared the team for conflicts of interest since it was all Hillary supporters, lawyers and donors?  What was the original crime that started the investigation and why was the scope so broad and outside of the Special Counsel mandate?  Why did you withhold information from Flynn, Papadopoulos, etc?  When did you release Strzok and Page?  Why did you destroy the data on their phones so their text messages could not be shared with Congress?  And on and on and on….

Many, many questions could be asked that Mueller could simply not answer. 

Mueller looked very nervous and small as he read his response to the media where he stated that he couldn’t charge the President.  This conflicted with what he told AG Barr and to what Barr has testified to.  Barr stands by his story so much so that after Mueller’s nine minute presentation a letter was released by the DOJ that stated that Mueller did not disagree with AG Barr’s interpretation of the law in regards to the Special Counsel.

Rush Limbaugh suggested last week that Mueller was not running the investigation.

Mueller has been around a long time. In any establishment, in any elite group of people, when you reach a certain age you become a figurehead, and you are rewarded, you are compensated, you’re paid for past achievements. You’re hoisted on a petard, you’re hoisted up on a pedestal, and you are revered and celebrated so forth. And your position is largely ceremonial.

In a law firm, the position is called “of counsel.” They want your name on the letterhead, you’re a rainmaker, but they don’t let you go into court anymore because you don’t know what time of day it is. You’ve done great work in your past, you’ve got a great reputation, a bunch of people want to take advantage of it, but they don’t really let you near any real work.

And I think it’s very likely this is what Mueller was in this special counsel. I think all these people that he hired did the actual work led by Andrew Weissmann. But they can’t put Weissmann’s name on this because that would be an instant bull’s-eye. This guy’s had cases overturned suborning perjury, he’s been sanctioned by federal judges, he sat on the Enron task force when every one of those cases that he was involved in was overturned at the Supreme Court. He had relationships with some of the lawyers in the Ted Stevens case, which was also thrown out of court because of prosecutorial misconduct.

I think Weissmann probably did most of the work on this. I’m only saying this because as I went back and I looked again at the eight minutes of Mueller – I’m not trying to be mean here. Everybody gets old and there’s nothing you can do about it. But it just seemed kind of fumbling and doddering and all of that. I wouldn’t be surprised — I don’t know this — I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller was literally a figurehead in all of this and had the statement that he read yesterday.


Sundance at the Conservative Tree House echoed Rush Limbaugh suggesting that Mueller was not really even running the investigation:

Remember, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller didn’t come into this process as an ‘outsider’, and Mueller didn’t select his team. The corrupt Lawfare team inside government (FBI Counsel James Baker, DOJ Deputy Andrew Weissmann, FBI Deputy McCabe etc.) already knew Mueller.  The team had established personal and professional connections to Mueller, and they brought him in to lead the team.

When you realize that Robert Mueller didn’t select the team; rather the preexisting team selected their figurehead, Robert Mueller; then results make sense.  Robert Mueller can never be allowed to testify to congress because if questioned he actually has very little understanding of what took place.

After two years we finally saw Mueller for what he is – an old doddering and fumbling figure head, certainly corrupted by political bias against President Trump, and noticably lacking in a crisp and sharp sense of what is going on.  He read his press conference memo and took no questions, for example.

Mueller cannot get in front of the cameras.  Deep State participants in the Democrat and Republican parties don’t want him to speak out even though Americans demand answers and justice.

The House attempted to bring Mueller in for questions but then realized that this was not a good idea.  Mueller gave them his nine minute reading instead.

It’s time for Republican US Senators to bring Mueller in for questioning so all of America can see the imbecile that led the most corrupt and illegal action taken against a President in US history.

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