How Convenient! — Christopher Wray’s Corrupt FBI ‘Loses’ Notes from Meeting Where Corrupt Cop Peter Strzok was Told CHINA was Hacking Hillary’s Emails

Corrupt Deep State FBI has misplaced emails that would prove that Peter Strzok was lying to Congress last year about knowing about Hillary Clinton’s emails being hacked by China.  Imagine that!

Last year representative Louie Gohmert from Texas interviewed corrupt cop Peter Strzok before Congress  about whether he remembered anyone mentioning that China was hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Strzok lied and said he didn’t remember which led Gohmert to call out his lying, especially about his affair with Lisa Page.  Gohmert said –

How many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eye and lie to her about Lisa Page?

The point that Gohmert was trying to make was that the FBI knew that China was hacking Hillary’s emails but ignored it.  Instead the FBI selectively addressed whether Russia was hacking Hillary’s emails and used this story to make up the fake Trump – Russia collusion narrative.

This past week Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch released information related to China spying on the US.  Fitton says in the video below at the 3 minute mark –

Take this as an educated guess that the notes [lost by the FBI] reference a discussion and a warning given by the IG of the Intelligence community to Peter Strzok who’s running the investigation effectively for the FBI at the time that the Clinton’s email system, namely Hillary Clinton’s email server had likely been hacked in some way by the Chinese.  In a way that allowed them to get a copy of all the emails that were being sent and received.

The timing is, according to Louie Gohmert, about the same time, because he says the meeting took place in 2015.  And sure enough, the meeting that we’re referencing here was in August of 2015.  And Gohmert exposed that the investigator advises Strzok of an anomaly of Hillary Clinton’s emails going to the private server.  Forensic analysis found out that all those emails except four of the 30,000 were going to an address that was not on her distribution list.  It was later reported that it was a Chinese state owned company that hacked Clinton’s email server.

The ICIG referred the Clinton email investigation to the FBI on July 6, 2015, just under a month before the meeting for which the notes were lost.

So the FBI has lost the notes from 2015 that show that dirty cop Peter Strzok, who oversaw Hillary’s email investigation, was notified that China was spying on Hillary.  Corrupt cop Christopher Wray’s FBI does not want the American public to see these notes and therefore his FBI is now saying that the notes are conveniently lost.

The fact that the FBI would ignore China spying on Hillary’s emails was material to the Spygate story.  The FBI didn’t want to look into spying on Americans, they wanted to exonerate Hillary Clinton and go on to frame candidate and President Trump on bogus Russia collusion lies.

Will the Deep State ever be cleaned up and brought to justice?


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