Twitter Suspends Ocasio-Cortez Parody Account For Being ‘Misleading’

The war on conservatives continues.

Social media platforms have been slashing away at conservatives for years, often with sneaky “shadow bans,” but now they’re beginning to be more brazen about it. Just last month, Twitter suspended vocal conservative actor James Woods after he posted a quote from poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.

On Monday, Twitter went so far as to ban — permanently — a popular parody account that mocks Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for all the dumb things she says (like last week when she marveled at how plants grow in dirt).

The Twitter page, titled @AOCPress once had 85,000 followers. Now, the page simply says “This account has been suspended.” The account was created and operated by Mike Morrison, who also had his personal account — with more than 50,000 followers — permanently banned.

But Twitter’s reasoning for the ban was, in a word, bizarre. In an email to Morrison, Twitter cited the rule that “you may not register or create fake and misleading accounts,” Human Events writes. “The tech giant then followed that statement by saying ‘you may use Twitter pseudonymously or as a parody.’ ”

Twitter rules require all parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts to indicate “non-affiliation” in both the account name and bio. The AOC Press Release parody account used the word “parody” in both its account name and biography.

In a rich ironic twist, Twitter implied that the parody account was just too similar to the dumb things the Democratic socialist says in real life (like when she was amazed by a garbage disposal just yesterday).

“Twitter has seemingly gone from removing edgy content to removing an account mocking the new leader of the Democratic Party, AOC. At the rate we are going, it seems likely that every single conservative, including the Never Trumpers and Fox News types, will be banned by 2020,” the ‘Office of Mike Morrison’ wrote in a comment to TGP’s Cristina Laila.

“In the past month and a half alone the account grew by roughly 50,000 followers. We’ve had tweets with over 30,000 likes on them, so I think Twitter decided it was time for [the account] to go. They didn’t like how popular an account created by their political opposition had become,” Morrison told Human Events.

Morrison also had another theory about why he was banned.

As the creator of the parody, Morrison presumes his personal account was banned by Twitter for having mocked their political allies, though many on the service have pointed to Morrison’s Jewish background and the fact he had also tweeted critically of Hamas in recent days. Other prominent Jewish conservatives were also banned after tweeting about how terror group Hamas should be destroyed.

It’s getting weird out there, people.



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