Tommy Robinson Campaign Alleges Postal Workers Sabotaged Their Election Materials

Tommy Robinson

The Tommy Robinson campaign has alleged that postal workers with the Royal Mail sabotaged their flyers and leaflets from reaching voters — and has filed a formal complaint.

Under the  “Representation of the People Act of 1983,” the Royal Mail has a legal obligation to distribute electioneering campaign material.

In a statement on, the campaign says that “we were told on one occasion the leaflets that Tommy’s campaign had paid for, ones that were to be distributed by post in Irthington, just outside Carlisle, had not been delivered as they should have been, in fact, the leaflets were delivered at one address with no occupants and still in the box.”

“We had made a complaint to Royal Mail business department who then advised us, after investigating the person (who was referred to as ‘she’ over the phone) responsible they were going to ‘re-train’ her? This alleged female was supposed to take the leaflets out of the box and deliver them to every address on her round; this did not happen because she didn’t want Tommy’s campaign material distributed,” the statement continued.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, major unions in the UK were boasting about the postal workers who refused to distribute Robinson’s campaign materials.

The Wirral Trades Union Council expressed “solidarity” with the workers who refused to deliver “fascist leaflets.”

Robinson’s campaign noted that there was a man named Anthony Clayton who posted a comment on the Trades Union Council Facebook thread claiming to be to be a “postie” and asserting that he and six of his “comrades” didn’t deliver the leaflets either.

The Robinson campaign has now escalated their complaint to the Royal Mail’s “Election Support Team.”


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