Movie Poster Features Melania Trump Character Holding the President’s Severed Head at Cannes

A movie poster at the Cannes Market in France features a woman intended to be Melania Trump holding the severed head of the president.

The film, When Women Rule the World, is also being promoted in industry publications.

In the poster, a bikini-clad Melania Trump lookalike named “Maria Putin” is holding the severed heads of a Donald Trump lookalike and one of a zombie. The caption reads, “meet the First Lady of the future with her heads of state.”

“Don’t be fooled by the B-movie-style poster. In an interview with THR, Silverstein says the film is a high-concept, sci-fi satire with sociopolitical themes that align with movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up and contain storylines that comment on toxic masculinity,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.


According to the film’s website, the movie centers around a reality-show mogul and his Russian fiancé. “They blunder into a time vortex and are transmitted to the future, 2121 A.D, after Trump has pushed the button, and World War Three and climate change have decimated life on earth,” the description says. “The few women who have survived have completely separated from men, blaming them for all the destruction. The women live together in a women’s village lead by Auriana and protected by women warriors. The men live out in the desert.”

The website also features a movie poster with a head in a Make America Great Again hat that does not look like the president.

The trailer for the film seems cheesy and poorly produced — and features images of President Trump and a slew of dictators while declaring that “men cause unprecedented chaos around the world.” It follows that generic “girl power” moment with a clip of men trapped inside a cage.

While the movie is meant to be some kind of feminist statement, it is hard not to notice that all of the women are scantily clad — most likely to appeal to men. The irony.

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