Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Selling ‘Cocaine Mitch’ Shirts

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign is now selling “Cocaine Mitch” t-shirts.

The Cocaine Mitch meme was born in 2018 when Don Blankenship used the name during his campaign against McConnell. It was based on packages of cocaine being found on a ship owned by the father of Elaine Chao, the senator’s wife.

Instead of getting upset about the name, McConnell ran with it, even using it to taunt Blankenship following his loss.

Now, McConnell is up for reelection and is continuing to embrace the viral nickname and are asking supporters to join his “cartel.”


“A year ago, a legend was born. Own your piece of history. #CocaineMitch” his campaign tweeted Wednesday. “Become an official member of the Cartel.”

The $35 shirt features McConnell’s silhouette with cocaine behind him on the front and “Team Mitch” and “cartel member” on the back.

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