Hillary Clinton Peddles INSANE Russia Conspiracy Theory – “US Elections… Determined by Putin and the Kremlin” (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday headed over to New Hampshire (the first primary state) shortly after she wrapped up her highly unsuccessful speaking tour with Bill Clinton.

Hillary appears to be running a trial campaign parallel to other Dems who already announced their 2020 bid for the White House.

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire Wednesday evening and peddled one of the most insane Russia conspiracy theories yet.


Without providing any evidence, Hillary actually suggested that US elections are being determined by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kremlin Intelligence services.

“If you are an American, the idea that our election is being trifled with, being impacted and maybe being determined  by Putin and the Kremlin and his Intelligence service in the military — the GRU, all of their assorted allies and agents,” Hillary said, adding, “That should give us heartburn.”

Hillary’s rhetoric is getting crazier by the day.

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said the 2016 election was actually stolen from her.


This is classic projection syndrome — During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton paid former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a dossier from his Russian intel sources which was then used to smear and spy on her political opponent, Donald Trump.

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