Unbelievable! Loser Hillary Clinton Says the 2016 Presidential Election Was Stolen From Her (VIDEO)

Bill and Hillary Clinton spoke at The Forum in Los Angeles, California Saturday night as a part of their tour dubbed, “An Evening With the Clintons.”

The Clintons are struggling to sell tickets to their tour — the tickets were going for as low as $2.00 a piece.

Ted Danson moderated the speaking engagement Saturday evening and asked Hillary what her advice would be for 2020 presidential candidates.

“You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and still have the election stolen from you,” Hillary said.

Hillary Clinton has blamed everyone and everything for her 2016 election loss and now she’s straight up saying the election was stolen from her.

Loser Hillary Clinton didn’t even visit Wisconsin during the 2016 presidential election and she has the nerve to say the election was stolen from her.


During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton passed out and got tossed into her Scooby mobile like a side of beef.

Hillary Clinton could barely walk up a few steps without assistance.

Hillary Clinton was coughing up her lungs and could barely fill up high school gymnasium during her presidential campaign.

Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election against Crooked Hillary in an electoral landslide 304- 227 — Trump won many historically blue states, including Wisconsin, a blue state that Hillary Clinton didn’t even visit in 2016.

Donald Trump won 2,626 counties nationwide to Hillary Clinton’s 487 counties.

But Hillary ran the best campaign ever — then it was stolen from her.

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