Heartbreaking! Laura Loomer Breaks Down in Tears in Live Interview: ‘My Life Is Ruined’ Due To Social Media Targeting and Banning (VIDEO)

Last week Facebook and Instagram banned several prominent conservatives including fearless journalist Laura Loomer.

Laura Loomer was first banned from Twitter for exposing Democrat Ilhan Omar as an anti-Semite. Laura was correct, as we all know today, but she got banned anyway. Laura seeks out and confronts Democrats on the topics of the day. She was banned for this.

On Wednesday Laura Loomer broke down in tears during a live TV interview.

Laura Loomer made an emotional plea for Republicans to take action against social media censorship.

Loomer appeared on the ‘Alex Jones Show’ to call on Republicans in Congress and President Trump to take legal action against the far-left tech companies censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters:

I confronted Congress when Jack Dorsey was testifying in September, and I begged President Trump, I begged him to do something before it was too late.  [Republicans] mocked me and called me crazy, but what are they doing?  I wanna know what people are actually going to do!

Loomer added that her life has been completely “ruined” because she has been banned from nearly every social media platform:

My life is ruined! Does anybody understand how ruined my life is?! I’m sick of it! I don’t want to listen to people tell me that I’m a conspiracy theorist.  They don’t know what it’s like to be me! And I’m sick of it. I’m fighting harder than most conservatives. I’m fighting harder than anybody and I’m being destroyed and they mock me. These people don’t understand like my life is unlivable at this point in time.  Like what is the point?

Facebook and Instagram recently banned Laura Loomer and several other prominent conservatives.

Still, Republicans in Congress and President Trump have not taken any legal action to stop social media censorship.

The Republican party would rather lose elections and the country to radical nihilists than confront the far left tech giants.

This video is tough to watch.
God bless Laura.

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Here is her full interview with Alex Jones.


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