TECH TYRANNY: Facebook Announces Latest Purge of ‘Dangerous’ People: Laura Loomer, Milo, Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars BANNED

Thursday morning, Facebook announced that it had banned several high-profile conservative personalities from their platform for good, including an incoming ban on the Facebook-owned Instagram.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and all accounts related to Alex Jones or Infowars (including Paul Joseph Watson) were the main targets of Facebook’s latest purge and were labeled ‘dangerous’ by the social media giant.

To draw away from criticism about only banning pro-Trump figures, Facebook also claimed to be taking action against Louis Farrakhan, the Hitler-loving Nation of Islam leader.

The company alleges that all individuals or accounts engaged in the following behaviors, according to a statement given to pro-censorship CNN reporter Oliver Darcy.

The Facebook spokesperson said such factors include whether the person or organization has ever called for violence against individuals based on race, ethnicity, or national origin; whether the person has been identified with a hateful ideology; whether they use hate speech or slurs in their about section on their social media profiles; and whether they have had pages or groups removed from Facebook for violating hate speech rules.

Darcy, who himself has been personally involved in lobbying digital platforms to ban his political enemies, also claims that the company may end up banning accounts that share content related to any of the banned individuals.

While President Trump and his sons have recently become increasingly vocal against the continued censorship of conservatives online, little action has been taken to curtail the rapid rush towards total 1984-style thought policing carried out by government-partnered tech companies and supported by their insidious allies in the mainstream media.

Laura Loomer has become more active on her personal website as the censorship has eaten away at her digital media presence, Milo is currently promoting his latest book “How To Be Poor”, and Jones can of course be found at


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