Fox News Blasts Company That Pulled Ads From Tucker Carlson, Won’t Allow Him to Be Censored By ‘Agenda-Driven Intimidation Tactics’

Fox News has hit back after language learning app Babbel pulled their ads and apologized for a commercial airing during Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Babbel referred to Carlson’s populism-driven show as “repugnant” and vowed to blacklist advertising on it in the future.

“If you saw our ad on Tucker Carlson’s show, you’re right to be upset. We are too,” Babbel wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “While we did place our ad with Fox, we did not know it would air on a show so repugnant and at odds with our mission and values. We are blacklisting the show going forward. We are deeply sorry,” the company said in a tweet.

The company followed the statement by tagging Sleeping Giants, an organization dedicated to censoring right-wing voices through boycotts.


“The Sleeping Giants account was created on or about November 16 2016, in direct response to the Republican successes in the 2016 elections. At its origin, its sole focus was spreading slander to Breitbart News’ advertisers, including false charges of racism, anti-semitism and white nationalism. The group’s modus operandi is to encourage its followers to intimidate and harass the advertisers of conservative media with deceptive practices and with inaccurate information until those advertisers sever ties,” Breitbart News, who has been heavily targeted by the group, explains.

Fox News did not take the nonsense lying down however, and issued a scathing statement standing by their popular host.

“The millions of unduplicated viewers watching Tucker Carlson Tonight are extremely valuable to our advertisers. Our audience is not only deeply loyal to the brand, but to our top tier partners as well, of which Babbel is not one,” the network said in a statement. “We will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson’s to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the intolerant partisan activists Media Matters, Sleeping Giants and whose only goal is to silence conservative thought they don’t agree with.”

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